Ambitious Video-Boardgame Set to Revolutionise the Way We Play

New indie developer Inkfish Studios attempts an innovative project fusing action video-games with traditional board-games, using digital dice, RFID playing cards and individual command pads via apps downloaded onto each players tablet or smartphone.

What is Day or Doom?

An intellectual multiplayer turn-based strategy game for up to 4 people with real-time battles and mini-games ranging from arcade style combat and ‘brain-games’, to business negotiation. It attempts to bring friends back together into the same room for a night of cursing and punch ups… just like the good old days!

It is played on a unique setup configuration displaying the main game board on a central display and then referring each player to their command pad to execute actions and participate in mini games. Control your nation and dominate over your friends to rule via 1 of 3 win paths: War, Capitalism or Peace in a world that unfolds to mimic that of which we live in today including the political issues it harbors.

Day or Doom Needs Your Help

Day or Doom the world's most ambitious Video Board Game is shaaping up to be an enormous project, attempting many industry firsts and needs your help. Without funding to help maintain it at its current pace it risks being swallowed up by the mouth of postponement.

The expression "time is money" is directly relative to the project. Backer contributions provide the vital budget needed to hire and maintain the team of programmers, artists, designers, and researchers working to complete the project within its intended 12 month timeline. The more money they have, the faster the project moves. Less money they have, the less hands are at their disposal and the longer it will take to complete and get it to market.


To learn more about Day or Doom and help fund this project, please visit their KickStarter page.


PR Contact: Mario Kolovos

Inkfish Studios LTD: 6 Stanmore Road, London N15 3PS

Skype: Inkfishdesign

Phone: +44 20 8889 1162

Facebook: DayorDoom

Twitter: @dayordoom